Cannabis Therapy Institute attacks new regs, declares medical marijuana law unconstitutional

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department of revenue medical marijuana working group cropped.jpg
Friday's MMJ meeting.
On Friday, the Colorado Department of Revenue's medical marijuana advisory committee met at a session belatedly opened to the public -- and the folks at the Cannabis Therapy Institute were troubled by the draft regulations released in conjunction with the get-together.

So much so that they're ramping up an effort to challenge the constitutionality of HB 1284, the state's MMJ regulatory measure.

The Department of Revenue's medical-marijuana industry draft regulations fill 92 pages with labyrinthine detail CTI is fighting via its Patient and Caregivers Rights Litigation Project, which features "several attorneys working from different legal angles to clarify and restore Colorado's Constitutional right to be a caregiver," according to a press release on view below.

department of revenue medical marijuana working group 2.jpg
Photos courtesy of Cannabis Therapy Institute

The bottom line, from CTI's perspective?

For 10 years prior to HB1284, caregivers in Colorado were allowed to provide medical marijuana to their patients in a safe, compassionate way. It is time for the industry to fight back against these un-Constitutional laws and take the industry back from government regulators, who only seek ways to put dispensaries out of business and open patients to unprecedented levels of scrutiny.

Page down to see more CTI photos from Friday's meeting, as well as to read the aforementioned release:

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