Dan Maes recycles corny Scott McInnis billboards: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

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Maes McInnis Billboard Blog Head.jpg

In addition to taking the primary election away from his Republican challenger, gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes would be wise to grab on to the remaining "Scott McInnis for Governor" billboards that are still up around town and reuse them for a cost-efficient campaign. The cornball message of the Scott McInnis billboard ad campaign is easily modified to serve the even cornier message of the Dan Maes campaign...

Scott McInnis Jobs Governor Original Billboard Blog Head.jpg

As seen in the billboard pictured above, Scott McInnis was running as "A Jobs Governor," which was oddly poetic, given his reputation for claiming the work of others as his own. Dan Maes, on the other hand, has promised to cut 2,000 state employee positions if elected Colorado governor. The photograph below shows the minor changes needed to turn a McInnis campaign into a Maes campaign.
Maes Slighter Jobs Billboard.jpg

Slight changes to the "jobs" billboard would also reference members of the Tea Party and the placement of their corn cobs...

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