Denver's highest home has well-grounded yard art gallery: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

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WEst Highland Yard Art Gallery Full Blog.jpg
Figure 75a. West Highland: Step right up to see the yard art show.

The middle building pictured above is not the tallest home in Denver, but it sits at the highest elevation in the city. It's located in a West Highland neighborhood that is being overtaken by pop-tops and scrape-offs that reach ever-upward for the view of the Rampart and Central Front Ranges to the south...

The expansive graveled garden terraces suggest that this is the home of a well-grounded neighbor and not the real estate investment of a social climber. The placement of eco-art, with plenty of room to grow, intimates that the yard artist who lives here is more a curator than a creator. Let's take a tour!

Yard Art Gallery Scooter Detail Blog.jpg
Figure 75b. West Highland: Rust never sleeps, it skoots.

The yard art gallery pictured above specializes in the exhibition of eco-art, where rusting metal objects are fashioned into flowers and figures. The well-spaced placement hints that the occupants of this home are open-minded and treat all people with equality. The great flourish of the hair on the moving figure (stepping onto a scooter) intimates that one of the home's occupants may have made a living by cutting hair on Tennyson Street since 1958.

Page down to see the additional yard artifacts that corroborate this theory...

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