John Hickenlooper introduces Lieutenant Governor choice Joseph Garcia as a "shredder"

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joseph garcia head shot cropped.JPG
Joseph Garcia.
A short time ago, Joseph Garcia was officially announced as John Hickenlooper's running mate for governor. But while the presumptive Democratic standard-bearer could have limited himself to praising Garcia's stint as president of Colorado State University-Pueblo, he branched out with the following quote retrieved by Westword's Johnny Molfetta, who was on the scene: "Joe Garcia is a hiker, a mountain biker and is a shredder on the snow board. He lives Colorado."

That location is a big bonus for Garcia as he jumps into the political arena. After all, if he lived in Delaware, it'd be a helluva commute. Page down below to see photos by Molfetta from today's press conference.

john hickenlooper announces selection of joseph garcia.JPG
Photo by Johnny Molfetta
Hickenlooper makes the announcement.

john hickenlooper checking his notes.JPG
Photo by Johnny Molfetta
"Who is this guy? Oh yeah -- I remember."

joseph garcia watches hickenlooper speak.JPG
Photo by Johnny Molfetta
Garcia looks on.

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