Medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver: giving old buildings new, high lives

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Hundreds of medical marijuana clinics have opened across the metro area -- it's hard to throw rock and miss one. And while some would argue there too many, one benefit has been that once-vacant storefronts and buildings have been given a new lease on life as a pot shop.

Some owners have opted for low-key offices in commercial settings, while others have gone all out -- painting a shade of green on everything possible. We here at Mile Highs and Lows wanted to showcase some of our favorite dispensary storefronts, for better or for worse.

Below are our top picks:

Biocare Collective - Denver
Why not turn your condo unit into a clinic?

fresh baked.jpg
Fresh Baked Dispensary - Boulder
Because nothing says fresh ganja like an artificial grass lawn.

Altitude Organic.jpg
Altitude Organic Medicine - Denver
The minimalist trellis over the entryway says small corporate headquarters. The green wall, however, says marijuana is sold here.

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