Michelle Malkin, anchor baby?: Awkward charge if she wants to be Tom Tancredo's running mate

Michelle Malkin.
With the deadline for printing Colorado's ballot fast approaching, Tom Tancredo will have to move fast if he wants to replace Doug "Dayhorse" Campbell, the American Constitution Party lieutenant governor candidate he inherited when he took the top spot. The name of conservative columnist Michelle Malkin stirred interest -- and an accusation that she's an "anchor baby."

That's an awkward label for a potential Tancredo running mate, since this country's failure to enforce immigration laws is his primary platform. And Malkin, too, has been strident in her support of Arizona's immigration laws.

But as it turns out, while Malkin automatically became a citizen under the Fourteenth Amendment when she was born in Pennsylvania forty years ago to parents who were Philippine citizens -- her parents (a physician and a teacher) were also here legally on an employer-sponsored visa.

Malkin moved to Colorado Springs with her own family a few years ago -- which makes the outspoken pundit eligible to be on a Colorado ballot.

For more on actual anchor babies, including an estimate that 340,000 of the 4.3 million babies born in the U.S. in 2008 had parents that were unauthorized immigrants, read this recent Pew trust report.

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@mdeyoung616 Do you understand that she was born in 1970 not 1898-1946? Sorry but she is in fact an anchor baby, her parents were here on work visas , and were not citizens, because if they were citizens they wouldn't need the visas... No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that she isn't sorry but she's the definition of an "anchor baby"...


Michelle is NOT an anchor baby.  She was born to US citizens!!  

You do understand that her parents were born in the Phillipines and the Philippines were an American commonwealth from 1898-1946? 

You also understand that ANYONE born in an American commonwealth is a US citizen.  

You also must know, ANYONE born to a US citizen is herself/himself a US citizen. (If your parents are US citizens, YOU, by default, are also a citizen  when you are born, JUST like Michelle!!) 

 Therefore, Michelle is a US citizen because her parents are citizens. She is most definitely NOT an "anchor baby."

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