NSFW! (Would-be) Guv John Hickenlooper's nude clothes: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Hick's Nude Clothes Blog1.jpg

If high-energy prop-comic John Hickenlooper is willing to shower in his clothes to tout that he is running a "clean" campaign for Colorado Governor, then just imagine what he will won't be wearing to emphasize his administration's promise to "establish a system of transparency and open government..."

(Warning! Drawings below suggest that candidate Hickenlooper is dangling for a fight.)

Hick's Nude Clothes Blog2.jpg

John Hickenlooper has a long history of over-exposure in the media. As a businessman, he proved that his birthday suit was also his power suit. But even for the timid, his nudity will be far less sickening than the alternative...

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