Pair of hooters set off by wheat-paste owl: Kenny Be's Sign Language

Owl Sees at Night.jpg
Photo detail shown below.

The wheat paste technique is most often used to slap printed movie posters onto wooden pedestrian walkways in construction zones -- but its use to display an original drawing on a cell-phone tower is more rare than a spotted owl sighting. As seen in the photo above, the remains of a wheat-pasted ink-wash-on paper rendering of The Owl Sees at Night makes a daring daylight sight. The artwork has even inspired "Spud" to pay homage in a pared-down line-drawn rendering that shows just how much an owl looks like a surprised man with a train track mustache...

Owl Detail.jpg
If you glance at the owl painting out of the sides of your eyes, it looks like a zombie portrait of Osama Bin Laden, or Mother Teresa.

Although the artwork above might be considered vandalism, a look at where it has been torn away reveals how much more beautiful it is than the ugly scrawl that it covered. The poster-sized brushed-ink painting features a washed-out owl hovering over an FTS!-emblazoned storm cloud. A top-twenty Internet search would suggest that this work is part of the "Fuck The System" crew's "Graf on the Tracks" project, as it hangs on a utility tower next to some train tracks that pass under an interstate somewhere in the city. These scanty details are necessary in order to preserve, for just a little bit longer, the work of a pair of artists who give a hoot.

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