Personhood Amendment: Photos from today's No on 62 rally on the State Capitol steps

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no on 62 demonstrators cropped.JPG
Photo by Johnny Molfetta
Proposition 62, the latest iteration of the Personhood Amendment, which would give the unborn constitutional rights in Colorado, has been approved for the November ballot -- and opponents launched their campaign today with a boisterous rally at the State Capitol. Westword photographer Johnny Molfetta was there. Page down below to see shots from the scene featuring supporters and opponents alike.

1 honest abe is pro life.jpg
Photo by Johnny Molfetta
Honest Abe is pro-life?

2 Yes on 62 protester, hands out fliers with an aborted fetus picture on it.jpg
Photo by Johnny Molfetta
A Proposition 62 supporter hands out fliers featuring an aborted fetus.

3 Conflicting Picketers take a stand.jpg
Photo by Johnny Molfetta
"Yes" and "No" opponents take a stand.

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