Photos: Denver Public Works "Snow Road-eo"

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Not actual size.
More than 120 total Public Works employees are competing in the 22nd annual Denver Public Works "Snow Road-eo" competition, testing the safety and driving skills of snow plow operators and loaders.

The top three teams from each division will advance to the regionals, held in Estes Park on September 22nd. Westword hit up the rodeo alongside DPW's Marketing and Communications Manager, Daelene Mix, to watch Denver's finest Public Works employees in action on this enormous obstacle course, set in the parking lot of the Denver Coliseum.

Johnny Molfetta
A Public Saftey Judge scores these participants' tight spaced, parking drill. The goal was to come within nineteen inches of the back set of cones. Obstacles faced on the course were judged on both speed and accuracy.
Johnny Molfetta
A Volvo loader up close and personal. The loaders faced obstacles that judged turning, speed and lift handling.

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