Tom Tancredo campaign "Tanc" tops are dyn-o-mite: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Tancredo Da Bomb Tee Blog.jpg
Full-sized comic below.

A person who attempts to provoke others with outrageous come-ons is referred to as a "tease." From his suggestion to bomb Mecca to his threat to run for Colorado governor, Tom Tancredo's lifetime of taunts makes him the king of tees. Tee-shirts, that is. And what better time to reveal an entire new line of Tancredo Tancs and Tees than during his state-stormin' whistle-stop tour.

Page down to see how Tom pulls train when politics go off the rails...

2. Thomas Tanc Engine Tee Blog.jpg

The Tancredo crazy train could be a runaway success, especially if he promises to give immigrants and poor people a kick in the caboose.

Look below to see how you can bet your ass on that.

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