Abbe Dorn: Pics of Denver cop & ex-American Gladiator contestant being sued for brutality

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abbe dorn photo cropped.JPG
Abbe Dorn.
A 2009 blog post declares that Abbe Dorn gets "Illegal." In that case, the reference was to Illegal Street Wear, a clothing line shown off by the Denver cop, who moonlights as a bodybuilder, model and former American Gladiator candidate. But the headline echoes in a different way now that Dorn and two other cops are being sued for alleged brutality.

The Abbe Dorn lawsuit was filed by Rohit Mukherjee. Targeted are Dorn, identified by her full name, Abbegayle Dorn, and two unnamed fellow officers in relation to an incident that took place on April 10. The lawsuit says Mukherjee was hosting a going-away party; he'd decided to move back to India "to gain international business experience before returning to the United States for graduate studies in business administration."

abbe dorn from kdvr cropped.JPG
Abbe Dorn in an image from Channel 31 coverage.
At about 11:30 that evening, the lawsuit states that two men knocked on Mukherjee's door and asked him to turn down his music. He said "okay" and began to close the door when the men demanded his identification, then subsequently admitted that they weren't police officers. Instead of complying, Mukherjee told the men to leave and threatened to call building security if they hassled him again. He reportedly turned down the music immediately thereafter.

Approximately half an hour later, the suit contends, Mukherjee's sister, who'd just left the bash, phoned to say police were outside the building -- and soon enough, they were banging on the apartment door. When Mukherjee opened the door, a male officer ordered him outside -- and when he declined to comply, the suit says "the yet-unidentified male police officer violently pushed the front door to Plaintiff's apartment into the Plaintiff, then within a second a female officer, later identified as Defendant Denver Police Officer Abbegayle Dorn, pinned Plaintiff against the door and began to choke Plaintiff with her forearm."

Mukherjee says he told Dorn he couldn't breathe, at which point one of the male officers allegedly threw him to the ground, face first.

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