Chicken Coop Tour hatches promise of job creation: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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It is probably safe to say the jobs that were lost during America's Great Recession will never come back, each a casualty of an unsustainable economic system. All new jobs will be created as society transforms into a sustainable future.

Attend the October 2, 2010, Inaugural Denver Chicken Coop Tour (sponsored by Denver Urban Homesteading and Denver Botanic Gardens; tickets $20) and see how the backyard chicken industry will be a leading generator of new jobs...

At a time when Denver-based home builders are going into bankruptcy, pre-fab architects Rob Pyatt, Jeff Troutman and Eric Millinger are perched to be the state's next millionaires.

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Building the chicken coop is just the start. Page down to see that there is plenty of work for everyone...

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