Condoms for cats: Nurse Nancy finds putting them on a lot harder than neutering that pussy

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nurse nancy struggles to put a condom on a banana.JPG
Nurse Nancy protecting a banana.
Last month, we told you about Tom Cat Condoms, whose slogan is "Prevent a litter, cover your critter." The real deal? Hardly. Instead, they're a satirical tool wielded by the Feline Fix, an affiliate of the Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance, to encourage pet spaying and neutering.

Now, the RMACA has taken its campaign to the next level -- with a little help from Nurse Nancy.

Nurse Nancy is actually RMACA executive director Amy Angelilli, who's also an improv comedy veteran. She gets to use this skill set in a series of videos featuring Nancy, whom she describes as "a squeaky-clean 1950s kind of nurse who teaches pets how to avoid pregnancy" -- while at the same time reminding owners that spaying and neutering is a much more effective way to avoid cat overpopulation than rolling latex onto a kitty's hang-down.

Angelilli has just launched not one but two web pages -- and -- to help amplify this message. In the meantime, page down to see the entire Nurse Nancy collection to date -- "They are hilarious!" Angelilli (accurately) notes via e-mail -- as well as a press release in which she explains the method to her madness.

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