DU pioneers the use of the rebus on campus traffic signs: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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DU Crosswalk Rebus Blog Head.jpg
Caution, pedestrian jumping over TO, HERE.
The jumble of words and pictures on the sign shown above indicate that University of Denver traffic engineers are firm believers in the use of picture puzzles to sharpen the mind. This roadway rebus is located on East Asbury Avenue between the Ricketson Law Building parking lot and the Coors Fitness Center, and challenges both drivers and pedestrians to solve the mystery of what action needs to be performed, and where, by whom...

Pedestrian in Crosswalk.jpg
Yield sign for the uneDUcated.
Now, let's see, do I yield "HERE" while the pedestrian hops over "TO" there? No. Do I yield while the pedestrian goes under "HERE"? Why not just make it easy and use the international "pedestrian in crosswalk" sign, as seen to the right? The real puzzler to this picture is why any driver needs to be told where to yield for a pedestrian. When I'm driving, I've always found that it is best to stop for pedestrians just before hitting them, no matter where they decide to enter the street.

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