Graffiti bombs add grooviness to the 20th Street bridge: Kenny Be's Sign Language

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Choose Lane Arrows.jpg
White-lined lane arrows point to high design.

The 20th Street bridge connects the ultra-hip Highland neighborhood directly to the Denver Skate Park. Every street sign between Central and Little Raven Streets has become a canvas for the pedestrian designers who seem to be sending secret messages to motorists...

SRDOT Elvis I-25 Left Arrow.jpg
Pink "Elvis" knows how to balance his oblong swash descenders.

Yield Ahead.jpg
Vandalism yields as much beauty as a Basquiat sketchbook.

Note to Ann Williams, spokesperson for Denver's Public Works Department: To cover the cost of replacing these traffic signs, sell these artistic abominations in a trendy art gallery. Perfect for the creative class Lodo loft dweller in search of some street cred.

Page down for the hottest new bike-lover Vandalart®...

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