Jay Marvin, ex-KHOW and AM-760 host, retires from radio due to continuing health issues

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jay marvin in his home photo by michael roberts cropped.JPG
Jay Marvin.
Yesterday, Jay Marvin, a mainstay on local talk radio until he was felled by a horrific health crisis beginning in early 2009, marked his 58th birthday yesterday with a decision: to retire from radio.

It's a choice he doesn't much like -- and one that he feels was made for him by circumstances and fate.

"Realistically, I have at least a year more to go to heal, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to get to work," he says.

Beginning in early March 2009, Marvin was in and out of the hospital with a series of infections and a large mass along his spine that had to be surgically removed in an epic surgical procedure that left him with an enormous scar and an incredibly difficult road to recovery.

jay marvin's incision photo.JPG
Jay Marvin's incision.
By December of last year, Marvin, who was placed on disability (a status that he maintains), realized that he was still not ready for a return to the microphone at AM 760, where he'd manned the morning shift prior to his illness. (He also worked afternoon drive at KHOW -- a period captured in the 1998 Westword feature "Double Trouble.") So he formally passed the torch to columnist David Sirota, his fill-in over the course of several months.

Afterward, rehab continued, and it's ongoing.

"I go to this place in Cherry Creek, and right now, I'm working on my balance and my strength," Marvin notes. "I'm still weak in some parts of my body -- but I've made progress. When I went in there in November, I was in a wheelchair, and now I can walk. I can stay out for two or three hours, and even four or five if I really push it, although I pay for that the next day."

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