John Hickenlooper's race for guv not close at all despite Tom Tancredo surge, says head Dem

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Pat Waak.
Yesterday, state GOP chieftain Dick Wadhams weighed in on the upcoming election, predicting much ugliness for Democrats.

Shockingly, head Dem Pat Waak has a very different take. She doesn't foresee the kind of Democratic apocalypse plenty of pundits are predicting.

In a recent Fox News poll, American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo had climbed to within ten points of frontrunner John Hickenlooper, who Wadhams recently dubbed the luckiest guy in the world, thanks in part to Republican nominee Dan Maes plummeting to just 15 percent support. Does Waak believe the contest could wind up as a nail-biter?

"No, I don't see it as close at all," she says. "Right now, we would like to get John up over 50 percent, because that would be a good message to send, but I don't really see it as being a close election."

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John Hickenlooper.
Regarding Dan Maes's release of documents pertaining to his 1985 firing as a cop in Liberal, Kansas, Waak says, "the sad thing about it is, it still doesn't necessarily explain what the facts are -- and at this late date, my own feeling is that there's not a lot of undecided people out there. I don't know that it helps him very much."

That might be bad news for Hickenlooper. As long as Maes continues to draw a sizable chunk of potential voters, the math works in Hick's favor -- but if Maes falls off the map entirely, Tancredo would presumably attract most, if not all, of his previous supporters.

In the meantime, critics continue to snipe at Hickenlooper for playing safe -- an accusation spokesman George Merritt shrugged off in this space yesterday. Such assertions don't trouble Waak, either.

"It's not a question of being safe," she insists. "It's a question of trying to take a reasonable position that fits the needs of all the voters. That's kind of the way John has been from the beginning. If you want him to be a barnburner on one end of the spectrum or another, he really isn't that type of person. He likes to weigh both sides. That may be frustrating to some people who want him to take a solid position on things, but he's trying to come up with win-wins to benefit everyone."

What about the Ken Buck-Michael Bennet senate race?

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