JonBenét Ramsey case: Conflicting stories about Boulder PD quizzing brother Burke Ramsey

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burke and jonbenet ramsey.jpg
JonBenét & Burke.
Although JonBenét Ramsey died (back in 1996), her case shows no signs of doing so. The latest development involves Burke Ramsey, JonBenét's brother, who was nine at the time of her death. A major network is claiming Boulder cops want to question him more than a week after a local station said they already have.

On September 20, Channel 2/31 reporter Julie Hayden reported that Boulder police officers recently met with Burke, traveling out of state to do so in the weeks prior. The report adds these potential reasons for a chat:

His parents claimed he was asleep. But at least some investigators are skeptical.

Some believe you can hear Burke's voice in the background of a 9-1-1 call Patsy Ramsey made to report her daughter had been kidnapped.

Shortly after that, Burke was sent to stay with a family friend. And hours later, his father found JonBenét's body in a basement room in the house.

Cut to September 28, when CBS's Early Show touted a potential break in the JonBenét case. The source: author Lawrence Schiller, who wrote the book Perfect Murder, Perfect Town about the slaying. Schiller said his sources claimed Boulder PD reps had sent their business cards to Burke, asking him to phone them "if his time permitted." The Early Show's Maggie Rodriguez added that Burke hadn't been questioned yet according to a Ramsey family attorney.

In recent days, numerous blogs have picked up on the CBS story, but apparently not Hayden's. Check out her story below:


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my theory is entirely different. Burke was a boyscout, knew knot tying, smashed her in the back of the head with the aluminum baseball bat(that was found in an 'odd' place in the house) while his young buddy strangled her from behind. Burke didnt need to carry her to the basement-she would have followed him willingly after giving her the pineapple in the kitchen. Remember the bowl of pineapple discovered that was covered in his prints & Mommy and Daddy couldnt explain its' existence(?), take her down to the basement to see a Christmas 'gift' he got her(Christmastime, remember?), his friend(same age or older-also curious about what it's like to kill or rape) zaps her with a stun gun(remember the stun gun marks on her chin?) starts to tie her up to rape her(or strangle her-sick b&stards), she wakes up, Burke panics & hits her with the bat while the other 'animal' continues to strangle her. Burke grabs a suitcase from the basement so his friend can escape through the window(scuff mark?), eventually runs to Mommy & Daddy to confess, Mommy writes the note to cover son's 'mistake', etc. The pubic hair & DNA? Burke's buddy's. Who knows? Maybe he is the son of a cop or something. Boot print? Burke's buddy. Palm print? Burke's buddy.

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