Loveland Reservoir Road fire update: No estimate on return for evacuees, see new videos

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While the Fourmile Canyon fire near Boulder is now 100 percent contained, the same can't be said for the Reservoir Road fire, in the Loveland area.

According to the latest update, that blaze's containment percentage remains stuck at somewhere between 20 and 25, with authorities not ready to guess when evacuees can return home.

The good news, says Type 3 information officer Debra Schofield, is that the fire didn't grow overnight. "It's still at 925 acres," she says.

At this point, approximately 349 firefighters from at least sixteen agencies are working the blaze, divided among eight Type 1 crews -- the hot-spot specialists -- and two Type 2 crews of twenty persons apiece, who are charged with cutting line and the like. Other resources include four large helicopters and one medium-sized helicopter, plus 22 engines, five water tenders and one bulldozer. Flights have thus far dropped 97,500 gallons of retardant on the fire.

helicopter drop on reservoir road loveland fire september 2010.jpeg
According to Schofield, the fire "is still burning in steep terrain, with limited access -- woodland areas with grass, junipers and pine trees. And since this has been a wind-and-terrain-driven fire, it's made the fire fight difficult."

So, too, has the weather, which has been hot, dry and often windy. Yesterday, however, winds were moderate to light, and that appears to be on the agenda for today as well. Which should raise hopes for evacuees, who still have no idea when they'll be able to return to their homes.

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