Loveland's Reservoir Road alleged firestarters' case goes to DA, Fourmile investigation goes on

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This just in: At noon today, all areas impacted by the Fourmile Canyon fire near Boulder will be repopened to residents (get more info below). Meanwhile, crews continue to fight the Reservoir Road fire outside Loveland -- and the case against the two people suspected of starting it has been sent to the district attorney.

That's the word from Deputy Kathy Messick, assistant press information officer with the Larimer County Sheriff's Office. According to Messick, "We've completed our investigation and turned it over" to the district attorney for the 8th Judicial District, whose jurisdiction covers the burn area.

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The Reservoir Road fire at its peak.
"They want to staff it," Messick continues, "which means they're going to have some of their people look into it. They want video and more details and facts before they make a decision on charges" -- likely sometime next week.

The prime suspects? Messick describes them as two people "who were attempting to burn a small pile of debris -- branches, foliage -- and it got away."

Man, did it ever.

Linda Jensen, public information officer for the 8th Judicial District, adds that the DA's office personnel "will take our time to review everything before we make a decision," including any changes in the law regarding fourth-degree arson, the most likely charge to arise from the incident.

The situation may be even trickier in respect to Fourmile, as Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett pointed out in a post yesterday. The suspect is a longtime firefighter who last used his fire pit three days before the blaze started, suggesting that embers he thought he'd properly extinguished lingered for a long period of time before being stirred to life by the wind.

Nonetheless, Boulder County Sheriff's Office spokesman Commander Rick Brough wants to make it clear that the BCSO isn't leaning one way or the other regarding potential criminal counts Garnett's office will consider.

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