Marijuana-food pairings subject of Miami food blogger's talk with pot critic William Breathes

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Lee Klein
Back in July, food blogger Lee Klein, who writes for Westword's sister paper, Miami New Times, mentioned me in a funny story about a pot and food pairing he put together on a private yacht. Since marijuana is highly illegal in Florida, Klein had to go out to open waters on a boat for the culinary excursion, during which they smoked a few different strains and made meals to accompany them.

After I mentioned my disappointment in the comments section for not being invited along to a Village Voice-sponsored pot/food tasting and mentioned that Sour Diesel goes well with red wine, Klein wrote to me asking about other pot-food pairings I enjoy. While I'm no food critic, I gave him my take on cannabis-related cuisine while asserting that Denver is Chronic Capital, USA.

Check out my responses to Klein's questions here on their food blog, Short Order.

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