Marijuana product review: The Purple Haze Vaporizer not an argument for future of plastics

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Every now and then local companies drop off their medical marijuana-related products at the Westword offices. Enough, actually, that we decided it would be a good idea to kick off a quasi-regular product review to showcase our Colorado Stoner MacGyvers.

Purple Haze Herbal Vaporizer
Retail price: $159.00

The Denver-based Purple Haze Vaporizer company dropped off its flagship model last week at the Westword office for yours truly to review. I must preface this by saying I am all about local companies making their mark in the smoking world: Companies like Silver Surfer, Incredibowl and numerous talented glass blowers have thrived in Colorado, selling top-notch products across the world.

That said, I was a bit confused when I unboxed the pipe at home and it looked like it was still in the product-testing phase. The premise behind the device -- as with all vaporizers -- is to pass hot air over the herb to vaporize the active chemicals without burning the plant material. The Purple Haze does this through a light saber-looking wand that contains an aluminum heating element surrounded by a narrow glass tube.

The tube is docked with a glass bowl, not unlike lighting a regular bowl with a lighter. The LED lights inside the wand change from red to purple to blue as you draw on the pipe, indicating it is cooling down. In theory, this is a great idea.

But the execution clearly needs to be reworked.

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