Operation Cock Block target Bill Sullivan gets conned in the dating section of Craigslist

cropped bill sullivan mug shot.jpg
Bill Sullivan.
Most of the ads under "men seeking women" on Denver's Craigslist are meant to be tantalizing, to make the reader shout, "Yes! That's me!" "Do You Like Kissing and Wearing Heels?" Sure! "Are You a Feminine Woman That Enjoys Riding Bicycles?" Of course! "Free Today, Have Big Breasts and Are Very Flirtatious?" Oh, Craigslist! I thought you'd never ask.

But not the ad for Bill Sullivan of Highlands Ranch.

Sullivan's ad is called "Con Artist," and we bet it wasn't posted by him. The text:

Hi, I just wanted to warn all the women out there that I am a first rate con-artist, scammer, lier, cheater, and I'm bad in bed. Stay away from me, I will only take your money!!! Look me up on the Westword website under, "Bill Sullivan" or "Operation Cock Block", or go to "don'tdatehimgirl" dot com.

The Westword mention is a reference to our feature story "Operation Cock Block Tries to Protect Women's Hearts and Pocketbooks from this Crooked Casanova." Operation Cock Block was started by a few women who'd dated Sullivan and wanted to warn potential girlfriends away from a man they say cheats, lies and steals.

Sometime after the story was published in April, Sullivan showed up on the website That entry was more brief: "This guy is trouble," it said. "Unless you want to be completely taken advantage of financially, avoid him!"

And maybe go for the guy who likes kissing instead.

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