Amendments 60-61, Prop 101 backers fight "nonsense" with baffling cartoons seen here

natalie menten photo.jpg
Natalie Menten.
The folks behind Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101, the three tax-slashing ballot proposals that a wide array of opponents are fighting with a multi-million-dollar ad blitz, are pretty upset with the media. So upset that campaign coordinator Natalie Menten fired off a letter to "media members" blasting them for buying into the "utter nonsense" of the opponents, who predict losses of thousands of jobs if the measures pass. Luckily, Menten also sent along some peculiar cartoons to set the record straight.

"Sometimes, political ridicule is the best antidote to mass hysteria," Menten wrote. "We offer 20 campaign cartoons. Cartoonist Paul Snover grants free license to reprint any of them on paper, on websites, or on air. You will then see which side to laugh with, and which to laugh at."

Indeed. The cartoons are a pretty good clue to why the shadowy 60-61-101 campaign has had trouble getting its message across. On top of the campaign finance investigation and the reluctance of proponents to discuss the behind-the-scenes role of Douglas Bruce, Menten and company have put more energy into snapping at the motives of the special-interest groups allied against them ("Why hasn't your company reported that the person who invented the '73,000 jobs GONE' claim for TV is a campaign staffer who was paid $29,000 for his invisible report saying so?") than making a coherent case for the ballot measures.

Some of the cartoons make a point -- but not always a clear one. Here, for example, are the taxing entities of city, county and state portrayed as hopeless junkies:

But this is a little confusing. Is the issue that all taxes are like dope, and just get shot up the arms of bureaucrats, with no return to society? Isn't this supposed to be about excessive taxation?

Equally mysterious is a Chicken Little reference:

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