Chris Bartkowicz faces jail for growing pot as Aris Minter, two others charged with stealing it

aris minter mug shot cropped.JPG
Large photos below.
Oh, the irony. Shortly after we learned Highlands Ranch's Chris Bartkowicz will plead guilty today to federal marijuana counts in exchange for a five-year stipulated sentence, the Denver District Attorney's Office announced that it's charged three men -- Aris Minter, Donjure Walker and Raymond Ramirez -- with stealing pot in two separate incidents. Details and photos below:

In the first case, Minter and Walker are accused of robbery and attempted kidnapping in an attempted theft at a local dispensary. In the second, Ramirez is accused of robbery and trespassing for swiping a plant from a legal MMJ home grow. During the getaway, a car said to have been driven by a Ramirez accomplice reportedly hit the woman who lived at the home. The result: a broken ankle and more.

Below, see photos of Minter, Walker and Ramirez as well as the DA's office release:

Minter, Aris.jpg
Aris Minter.

Walker, Donjure.jpg
Donjure Walker.

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