Dallas Cardenas accused of human trafficking; he allegedly pimped two women, one underage

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dallas colby cardenas mug shot cropped.JPG
Large photo below.
The Colorado Attorney General's Office accuses nineteen-year-old Dallas Cardenas of being a pimp -- but that's not all.

As shown in a wide-ranging indictment on view below, Cardenas also faces charges of trafficking in adults and children, since one of the two women he's said to have forced into sex-for-pay was underage.

The grand jury indictment of Dallas Cardenas and Ryan Jenkins, 23, who's accused of conspiracy in the case of the adult victim, as well as possession of Ecstasy, tells the tale.

The documents supports assorted counts using evidence gathered between May 18 and June 4 in the case of an eighteen-year-old woman, and between May 1 and May 22 in regard to a seventeen-year old. During those time frames, Cardenas allegedly forced the women in question to pose for randy photos that were then placed on Craigslist along with what's described as a "sexually suggestive advertisement." They were coerced into charging $150 per half hour, or $175 per hour, for "out-calls" to hotels in Lakewood and/or Denver, the indictment maintains. Another reported location for these trysts: Cardenas's apartment.

Cardenas is said to have kept most of the money the women made for their acts of prostitution.

Read the entire indictment below. Then page down to see a press release synopsizing the charges, courtesy of the attorney general's office -- and also check out a larger photo of Cardenas.

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