Dan Maes 'amaesing' corn maze campaign attraction: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

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Dan Maes Corn Maze Sign.jpg
Corn connection would prove that Dan Maes is out standing in his field.

When Dan Maes's footnote to Colorado history is written, his downfall will not be attributed to sloppy accounting or historical revisionism. Instead, he will forever be remembered as the candidate who failed to take complete advantage of the similarities between his last name and the Spanish word for corn. Imagine the visual punch that corn would have added to the Dan Maes "maiz" maze...

Dan Maze Corn Maze.jpg
The biggest mileage reimbursements would be awarded to players who can't find their way out.

The Dan Maes Corn Maze would be the perfect symbol for the Dan Maes for Governor campaign. It would be particularly attractive to the Tea Party members who supported Dan in the primary election because it allows them to travel a path that looks the same going forward as it does going back, with no advance knowledge of where they are going or memory of where they have been.

The admission fees to the corn maze would also have helped to raise much-needed campaign funding for Dan's struggling campaign. There might have even been enough money to buy some distinctive Dan Maes campaign corn hats...

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