Dan Maes spokesman not worried about falling below 10% support, thinks TV ad may turn tide

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Dan Maes.
Last week, Colorado Republican Party boss Dick Wadhams said he wasn't worried about Dan Maes falling beneath 10 percent support. But plenty of other folks seem to be, judging by today's Denver Post, which outlines the prospect of the GOP winding up with minority party status if Maes doesn't register double digits.

Not to worry, responds Maes spokesman Nate Strauch, who sees an upturn ahead.

Strauck points to the latest Rasmussem Reports poll, which shows Tom Tancredo narrowing the gap between him and frontrunner John Hickenlooper, from 44 percent-34 percent to 43 percent-35 percent. However, Maes still has 16 percent support, the same amount as the previous survey.

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John Hickenlooper.
"You've seen polling holding pretty steady," Strauch allows, "and now that Dan's up on TV, we would certainly think that trend will reverse and start heading up."

The first Maes ad began running on local TV stations in recent days, Strauch says. The commercial -- see it below -- is an ultra-simple pitch, with Maes talking to the camera amid family photos and graphics seen over a fluttering American flag. "It's very straight-forward, issues-oriented and positive," Strauch points out, stressing the last word as a way of contrasting the message's tone with Tancredo's advertising approach.

"Dan has used a number of colorful adjectives to describe Tom's campaigning," Strauch acknowledges. "He believes it does no good for the state of Colorado to attack a fellow conservative. That's not a level he's going to stoop to."

Maes has been buying spots on KNUS radio, too. But Strauch concedes that the expansion of the current ad plan is contingent on fundraising. During the most recent reporting period, Maes brought in just over $28,000 -- good for him, but well below Tancredo's $148,671 and Hickenlooper's $361,200.

Still, Strauch says the early reaction to the ad has helped rally the troops, including those of the Tea Party persuasion. Yesterday, the Tancredo campaign put out a release boasting that Tea Party leaders are rallying to the Tanc's cause -- and Tancredo's Tea Party-sponsored event at DU this past weekend was certainly well-attended. But Strauch insists that Maes continues to be the life of this particular party.

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Attendees at Tom Tancredo's Tea Party event at DU on Saturday.
"In the past few weeks, whatever Tea Party support Dan lost has started to come back after the Kansas Bureau of Investigation articles," he maintains, referencing documents released pertaining to Maes's firing as a Kansas cop in 1985. "A number of those individuals are back in the fold, and his Tea Party support has actually gotten stronger over the past few weeks."

Would Maes consider using the fear of the Republicans being branded as a minor party as a way to get the GOP faithful to vote for him?

"That's not even on his radar," Strauch insists. "He's focused on issues. That's what he talks to people about, and that's where he's going to continue to focus."

Page down to see Maes's new commercial, as well as the Tancredo campaign release touting his Tea Party support.

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