Denver Police slowdown captured in pictures: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

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Denver Police Car Logo.jpg
Signs of low morale are everywhere in the Denver Police Department.

After months of being criticized for their aggressive arrests and use of excessive force, Denver cops are trying to win back the trust of Denver citizens with a kinder, gentler, hands-off policing style.

A recent Denver Police Department audit shows that Denver's finest are initiating half as many investigations as performance-quotas require. Police Chief Gerry Whitman insists Denver cops are obligated to do their jobs, and that they are reducing public complaints about their performance simply by reducing public contact!

The photograph above shows how the police cars of District 6 will be modified to showcase the department's new work ethic. And all across the city, Denver police can be seen engaged in a new non-aggressive form of policing...

Denver Policeman Beiriger Rose Bedenbecker Strip Club.jpg
Denver Policeman Rose, Beiriger and Bedenbender look for suspicious andor unlawful activity.

Pictured above, Ofiicer James J. Rose, Officer Nathan Beiriger and Sergeant Dennis Bedenbender claim that the recent police department audit numbers are misleading. Making half as many stops allows an officer to spend twice the amount of time on an investigation.

As seen below, Sergeant Marek Rykowski would rather be in hot water with suspects, than to be suspected by the public...

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