Great pumpkin patch managed by Methodist manger monkey: Kenny Be's Big Picture

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Grace Methodist Pumpkin Sale Blog.jpg
Click image to enlarge.

At first glance, the pumpkin patch in the big picture above, featuring green and white pumpkins scattered throughout, gives the illusion of a casual management. To click on the picture and study the enlargement is to see the patterns of a tightly controlled organizational scheme. Such carefully calculated placement of every pumpkin and gourd could only come from one Christian congregation. This is the melon motif of Methodists.

Grace Methodist Church Denver Pumpkin Sign Kenny Be Blog.jpg
At Grace United Methodist Church, parishioners like to "praise the gourds!"

The sign pictured above proves that this pumpkin patch presentation came from the mind of a Methodist. The picture also reveals that the manger stable, used for the Christmas nativity scene, can also make a serviceable pumpkin patch sales shed. Especially if it is managed by a Methodist monkey...

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