Jesus receiving oral sex?: Woman attacks "Romantic Cannibals" amid art vs. porn debate

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jesus insert from the romantic cannibals.jpg
Larger image below.
In recent days, temperatures have been rising over "The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals," a multi-panel work by California's Enrique Chagoya that's been on display at the Loveland Museum/Gallery -- or at least it was until yesterday, when a Montana woman ID'd as Kathleen Folden, 56, reportedly attacked it with a crowbar.

No one should be surprised by the passions the piece sparked. Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ" pissed off a large segment of the populace, too -- the portion that either didn't realize or didn't care that their reactions were helping to make the artist's point for him.

Look below to see an image of "Romantic Cannibals" as a whole, along with a blow-up of the most controversial panel. Also on view -- a video report featuring protesters angrily expressing their opinion that Chagoya's piece constitutes sacrilegious pornography, not legitimate art.

the romantic cannibals.jpg

jesus insert from the romantic cannibals.jpg

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