John Hickenlooper a secret Republican? Is that why this GOP elephant has his name on it?

Categories: Politics

Think Hickenlooper is a bicycle-riding, illegal immigrant-loving, tax-happy left-wing radical elitist? Think again, pal.

Turns out "Hick" is a conservative, big-government-hating Republican who opposes Communist conspiracies and civil rights laws.

No, not John Hickenlooper. He's as loopy as the next Demmycrat. We're talking about Bourke Blakemore Hickenlooper, a senator and governor of Iowa who died in 1971 and who also went by the nickname "Hick."

But that doesn't mean that this eBay listing for a grey ceramic GOP elephant with the work "Hickenlooper" emblazoned on the side is any less funny.

And if you have $39.99 it could be yours.


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