Michael Bennet welcoming Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama -- and President Barack Obama, too?

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ken buck and michael bennet at 9news debate october 11 2010.JPG
Michael Bennet and Ken Buck at 9News debate.
Last night, Senator Michael Bennet and Republican challenger Ken Buck engaged in their most high-profile debate yet -- and shockingly enough, Bennet spokesman Trevor Kincaid believes his guy handily won the 9News-sponsored event on view below.

Kincaid also talks up forthcoming appearances on Bennet's behalf by Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama -- but when asked if there's a welcome mat out for Barack Obama, too, he answers cautiously.

About the debate, Kincaid says, "It was clear that Buck continues to waiver and flip-flop, trying to walk away from the extreme positions he ran on for two years. He tried to sidestep everything from his position of nation-building in Afghanistan to means-testing for social security."

To underline this point, the Bennet camp has produced a series of side-by-side comment comparisons. They're accessible below as well.

As for Bennet, Kincaid believes "Michael presented common-sense solutions, and those positions helped Michael come out on top."

He hasn't held that position in polls for quite some time. The most recent Rasmussen Reports survey, conducted earlier this month, shows Buck leading 50 percent to 45 percent. But Kincaid senses a shift, and he believes an October 18 appearance by President Bill Clinton will keep things moving in a positive direction.

bill clinton peace sign on flickr.jpg
Bill Clinton.
"President Clinton is coming on the first day of early voting," Kincaid points out, "and we're thrilled to have him here. We're already seeing energy and momentum building every day, and we think President Clinton adds to that momentum."

Granted, last time he weighed in on the Colorado Senate race, Clinton did so in support of Andrew Romanoff, Bennet's Democratic opponent. But to Kincaid, that's ancient history.

"We don't begrudge President Clinton supporting a friend, and we're thrilled to have his support," he says. "Andrew was very quick to throw his support behind Michael earlier, and we're glad for his support as well. The united front is going to be very helpful in the home stretch coming up to election day."

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