Michael Bloomberg and Tom Boasberg meet the students at Bruce Randolph: Photo gallery

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More photos below.
What brings New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to Denver? An invite from his Denver counterpart, John Hickenlooper, to participate in tonight's Denver Scholarship Foundation fundraiser at the Colorado Convention Center Hyatt. But before then, he made a carefully scripted appearance with Denver Public Schools superintendent Tom Boasberg at Bruce Randolph school.

Bloomberg, who doesn't exactly need the dough, isn't receiving any payment for keynoting this evening's bash, says Dana Smith, communications manager for the Denver Scholarship Foundation. "All proceeds from the event will go directly toward our scholarships and programs to help DPS students achieve their college goals," she notes via e-mail, adding, "We have already raised $2 million dollars before the doors even open. Since we were founded in 2006, we have given away 3,000 scholarships totaling $7.4 million."

Smith adds that "Mayor Hickenlooper, who is a founder and board member for DSF, asked Mayor Bloomberg to come and speak at our event tonight" for what's officially a non-political event -- although getting to hobnob with an attention-attracting big-city celebrity less than two weeks before an election is probably to the Hick team's liking.

Look below and page down to see photos of this afternoon's Bruce Randolph event courtesy of Westword's Johnny Molfetta.

Tom Boasberg in the foreground, Michael Bloomberg in the background.

Bruce Randolph principal Cesar Cedillo speaks with Bloomberg in an advanced algebra class.

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