Tom Tancredo only real Republican running for governor, spokesman says: Sorry, Dan Maes

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Tom Tancredo.
This weekend, the Denver Post shared polling data showing Democrat John Hickenlooper holding a "comfy" ten-point lead over main challenger Tom Tancredo in the governor's race.

But Tancredo operations manager Cliff Dodge rejects that, dismissing the Post's survey as "totally inaccurate" and citing a different poll showing Tanc just three points back.

Why does Dodge doubt the Post's results, which show Hickenlooper with 49 percent support to Tancredo's 39 percent, with Republican Dan Maes getting just 9 percent? Because, he says, "they're not releasing the crosstabs," which the Scarborough Research service defines as "the cross referencing or comparison of two variables (such as product usage and demographics) to determine how they are interrelated." He adds, "They're obviously hiding something, which is fine -- but we don't believe it for a second. We believe we're right there, and we think election day will prove it."

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John Hickenlooper.
More to Dodge's liking is a survey from Public Policy Polling, an organization the Tancredo campaign describes as "left-leaning." That poll gives Hickenlooper 47 percent and Tancredo 44 percent -- meaning Tanc is within the margin of error.

And Maes? He registers just 5 percent. Does that mean Maes's determination to stay in the race is irrelevant at this point?

"He's not going to drop out, so it really doesn't matter," Dodge responds. "Dan Maes is Dan Maes, and there are still some people who are going to pull the ticket for whoever's got the 'R' behind his name. We know that. But we're going to win in spite of it."

Nonetheless, Dodge feels the Tancredo campaign has made progress when it comes to convincing voters who've always cast their ballots for the Republican nominee that it's okay to side with his guy, who's officially running under the American Constitution Party banner.

"Even though there are different initials behind his name, Tom is still the only conservative and the only real Republican in this race," Dodge maintains. "People are seeing that. And I also think some people have come to the realization that a vote for Maes is a vote for Hickenlooper, and they're not going to do that."

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Dan Maes.
The Tancredo camp is also touting the endorsement of Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer. Members of Tea Party organizations and other Liberty Movement groups have been the backbone of Maes's support since the beginning, so this nod indicates a further deterioration of his base. Still, Dodge doesn't believe Tea Party backing was truly responsible for Maes capturing the Republican nomination a few months back. The real reason, he believes, is "the implosion of Scott McInnis, and the $500,000 that the Democratic gubernatorial campaign spent to defeat Scott McInnis, which handed the nomination to Dan Maes."

In any event, Dodge credits Tea Party types jumping on the Tancredo bandwagon for helping to fuel a major momentum shift. But that doesn't mean Tanc will be able to go commercial-for-commercial with Hickenlooper during the campaign's final week.

"He bought all his ads earlier, and we're still trying to raise money," he concedes. "Whatever money we raise, we'll probably put into advertising -- but in that regard, it's still David versus Goliath. So we'll do what we can do, and we're just going to count on the good judgment of the voters."

Look below to see Tancredo campaign releases about the Public Policy Polling survey and Kremer's endorsement:

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