Byers Junior High goes from failed school to the dogs: Kenny Be's Fotochop Friday

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Byers Dog Mall Blog Head.jpg
From public Junior High School to pampered dog park pavilion.

In spite of the best efforts of neighborhood activists, the Denver Public School Board has unveiled plans, shown in the photo above, to sell the abandoned Byers Junior High School building to a successful Detroit-based developer of high-end dog malls...

Byers Dog Park Cafeteria.jpg
Going to the dogs.

As seen in the picture above, plans for the new project include renovating the old cafeteria into a dog food court. When asked to explain why the district is selling off school buildings, Superintendent Tom Boasberg replied, "Feedback from neighborhood residents suggests that kids hate schools and taxpayers hate paying for then. Our studies show that Denverites prefer the uncomplaining company of dogs and that dog retail is the fastest-growing sector of the economy."

As shown below, other improvements include an indoor pool and non-stop fetch-fitness machines.

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