Candice & Kristin Hermeler: Surveillance video, photos of Australian twins in suicide pact

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kristin hermeler photo.jpg
Kristin Hermeler.
Update: The Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office has released surveillance footage and photos of Kristin and Candice Hermeler, Australian twins who acted out a suicide pact at the Family Shooting Center; Kristin died, while Candice was gravely wounded but survived. The footage certainly gives no indication of what was to follow. Most of the images are disturbing in their banality.

Below, find the surveillance video, courtesy of 9News, followed by a variety of photos snipped from the clips by Fox 31 and our previous coverage of this tragedy. Also get more information in this post: "Candice & Kristin Hermeler: Judy Brown on Columbine tie to Australian twins' suicide pact."

kristin and candice hermeler walking to the family shooting center.jpg

kristin and candice hermeler surveillance photo 2.jpg

kristin and candice hermeler surveillance photo 4.jpg

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