Gary Wegner, Dunstan Middle School teacher: Affidavit describes improper student touching

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Large photo below.
Update: Gary Wegner, a Dunstan Middle School shop teacher accused of sexual assault on two students, made his first appearance in court this morning. He hasn't been formally charged, but he was advised of his rights, and a bond of $20,000 was set. Also available: Wegner's arrest warrant, which attempts to establish a pattern of him getting casually handsy with female students. Details and the entire document below.

The Gary Wegner affidavit in support of warrantless arrest doesn't tell stories of the teacher making explicit passes at underage girls. Instead, it documents a slew of alleged incidents in which he's said to have touched female students in a much-too-familiar way: pressing himself against them from behind and putting his hands on their hips to properly position them alongside a lathe, "drawing" on their thighs with his finger to explain something, grazing their behinds in a way that he might be able to claim was an accident, looking down their shirts.

Oh yeah: No one remembers Wegner touching male students in quite the same way.

Not everyone quizzed by the cops corroborate these tales, the affidavit notes. But officers eventually conclude that Wegner's actions sexually gratified him -- hence the arrest.

Wegner is next due in court on November 17. Here's the affidavit, followed by our previous coverage, including a large photo and police releases, on the next page:

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