John Elway, Josh McDaniels honored at Denver Film Festival: Kenny Be's Fotoshop Friday

Denver Film Festival Posters Latest Word Blog Kenny Be.jpg
Full posters featured below.

The joy of living in Denver is that every moment of every day is exciting enough to be a Hollywood movie. Whether it's politics, sports or the arts, the weird, wonderful and wacky people of Denver -- and their pursuits -- would make for a fantastic full-slate at the Denver Film Festival. Well, at least a good Denver Film Festival Poster Show...

Sportacus Josh McDaniels Spartacus.jpg
Josh McDaniels stars as an oppressed gridiron gladiator guru in Sporticus.

Every sports fan needs a Sportacus, and Josh McHoodie is here to fill the bill. The rebel coach portrays a heroic slave in a world of incessant foul-mouthed tirades and indiscriminate arm-swinging tantrums that pass as mass entertainment.

Often referred to as an embattled egomaniac, the cranky coach still has it better than John Elway, who is featured on the movie poster below.

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