John Hickenlooper's homeless-program plan for expansion: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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Five years into Mayor Hickenlooper's ten-year plan to end homelessness, the Road Home program has been honored for its success by the El Pomar Foundation. Hick's a penny-pinching genius and found that by doing something rather than nothing, he could reduce Denver's annual cost per homeless person from $40,000 to $15,000.

According to the Road Home website, the program has reduced 16th Street Mall panhandlers by 83 percent, and cut the number of chronically homeless by developing 759 housing units. With a program this successful comes the wish to expand services...

Roadworks: Without raising the budget, this program takes money allocated for street-maintenance-vehicle purchase, repair and fueling and uses it instead to fund a jobs program that encourages the homeless to clean the street corners where they panhandle.

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Additional Road-Home-inspired programs for homeless relatives and students are featured below.

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