Josh McDaniels: Top 10 reasons Broncos fans want Coach McD to be fired

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Josh McDaniels.
Broncos owner Pat Bowlen's lukewarm statement about Josh McDaniels's future as the team's coach has done nothing to temper the calls for McD's firing. What with embarrassing losses and video scandals, Broncos boosters are flat-out angry, and it's hard to believe a random win or two as the season dribbles out will turn down the heat. For proof, page down below to check out our top 10 list of comments from fans who are mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore, as well as a special bonus: an animated video declaring McDaniels the NFL's worst coach.

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No. 10
Well they got what they deserved when they Hired McDaniels. The Broncos only needed a little tinkering from the new coach. Shanahan put together a good team, it just needed a little tweeking. Instead we have an idiot trading off great players for half good ones.Until McDaniels is gone (and that won't happen for 2 more years) The Broncos will be the laughing stock of the NFL. -- rocket387
Source: Colorado Springs Gazette

No. 9
Seriously! JOHN GRUDEN is the right person to turn this thing around. The Kool Aid is officially gone and if he has any integrity at all he will quit. When he took the job he promised that we could judge him on his win-loss record. When he shipped out the #3 ranked offense he said judge me on my win-loss record. It is officially time to evaluate his performance and send him packing like he has done to so many good Broncos. -- 2010oc
Source: Mile High Report

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