Louis Hampers: Is indicted doctor's lawyer using restraining order case to get evidence?

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Louis Hampers.
Indicted children's ER doctor Louis Hampers, featured in our article "Doctor Strange Love," is also the subject of yet another restraining order request filed by his ex-girlfriend, Sandra Ebersohl. But when Ebersohl tried recently to drop the request because she's already protected under a federal order as a witness in Hampers's criminal case, Hampers's lawyer objected -- and Ebersohl is suspicious of his reasons.

"I feel like they're trying to use the restraining order case to get information for the federal (criminal) case," she says. "And they're harassing me to do it."

Hampers, the former head of emergency medicine at The Children's Hospital in Aurora, is charged with 655 counts of federal prescription-drug fraud. He's also facing a harassment charge and is being sued for defamation in civil court by 9News reporter Deborah Sherman, who won a permanent restraining order against him earlier this year.

Hampers's attorney, Richard Tegtmeier of Colorado Springs, has served Ebersohl with several subpoenas asking for her phone records and any written correspondence sent to her by Hampers or Hampers's soon-to-be ex-wife, Kelley. Ebersohl and Hampers dated for several months earlier this year after meeting on an adult website.

Tegtmeier also asked Ebersohl to turn over any correspondence she had with "any Colorado state or federal law enforcement authorities" and with lawyers for Sherman.

In addition, he subpoenaed Yahoo for the "names, addresses, profiles and IP addresses" associated with five different e-mail accounts, only one of which Ebersohl says is hers. At least one of the others has been linked to Hampers in court documents.

And he subpoenaed the property manager of Ebersohl's apartment in Colorado Springs, asking for "a complete copy of your file regarding the unit rented by Sandra Ebersohl."

Reached by phone last week, Tegtmeier declined to discuss the subpoenas.

There is another hearing in the case this morning in El Paso County Court. But there's a chance that neither Ebersohl nor Hampers will be there. A federal judge recently granted Hampers's request to return to a drug treatment facility in Virginia while he awaits trial, so he may already be out of state. (Hampers claims to have taken all the pills himself.)

And Ebersohl says she doesn't plan to attend, either. Instead, she's hoping her absence will cause the judge to dismiss the case altogether -- and thus absolve her of having to give any personal information to Hampers's lawyer. As it stand now, if Ebersohl doesn't comply with the subpoenas, the judge could issue a bench warrant for her arrest.

"I think he's just trying to get stuff to fight his other cases," she says. "He thinks I have all this information, which I don't. He thinks I ratted him out to the feds, which I didn't."

"I was dating him," she adds, "not selling drugs with him."

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