Mickey Mouse yard art reveals Disneyfication of Harvey Park South: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

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Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through lawn decoration...

Mickey Minnie Mouse Yard Arteology Harvey Park South Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
Figure 86a. Harvey Park South: Mickey and Minnie Mouse greet guests with open arms.

Yale Avenue is the dividing line between liberal Harvey Park and conservative Harvey Park South. South of Yale, the faith in conventional values can instantly be seen in the Disneyfication of neighborhood yard art. The Minnie and Mickey Mouse yard art pictured above hint that the residents of this Harvey Park South home, like all conservatives, are prone to trivializing life's complexities like so many cartoon characters.

The open arms of the concrete cartoon knock-offs suggest that the yard artist is outwardly friendly, but immovable in personally held positions.

In most Denver neighborhoods, yard art shows the individuality of homeowners. As seen in the examples below, the Disneyfied yard art of Harvey Park South seeks the chains of conformity...

Beauty and the Beast Harvey Park South Yard Arteology Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
Figure 86b. Harvey Park South: Chained beast highlights the madness of landscaping.

That the chained creature pictured above remains as a yard art display long after Halloween further intimates at the Disneyfication of Harvey Park South. His impeccable grooming, pressed overalls, fashionable lumberjack shirt and sensible shoes suggest that he is in fact a tribute to the beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

The black roses displayed in the window to the right insinuate that this beast is actually a prince in search of love. The chains imply that the conservative beast may suffer from depression caused by the repression of the liberal mob, while his wolfish grin hints at the joy he feels in knowing that he is always right.

As seen below, good garden grooming and designer deer are essential to neighborhood Disneyfication...

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