Ron Rocha, Regis coach, part of 20-kilos-a-week cocaine-ring bust: See mug shots & drug photos

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cocaine packets from november 2010 bust cropped.JPG
Large photos below.
Last month, Ron Rocha, a volunteer baseball coach for Regis University, was on the losing end of an intra-squad matchup dubbed the Fall World Series. But he suffered an even greater defeat yesterday, when he was among 35 people named by the U.S. Attorney's Office in the bust of a massive cocaine ring that allegedly shipped twenty kilos of coke to Denver metro each week.

Of the 35 arrestees, 23 were taken into custody locally, including David Cordova, a retired Denver firefighter. Also grabbed: 53 kilos of cocaine, 35 pounds of marijuana and more than $650,000 in cash.

Page down to see photos of seized drugs, cash and more, plus mug shots of assorted suspects still at large and a U.S. Attorney's Office release detailing the enormous operation:

cash laid out on table from november 2010 federal cocaine bust.JPG
Some folding green from the haul.

andres quezada hernandez fugitive mug shot.JPG
Wanted fugitive Andres Quezada Hernandez.

packets of cocaine from november 2010 coke bust.JPG
Guess what's in here.

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Congrats for the police going after anything other than cannabis!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

*** Just Legalize It! ***

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