Top 10 ways Josh McDaniels, Denver Broncos choked away London win versus SF 49ers

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Josh McDaniels.
After our "Top 10 Ways Josh McDaniels Has Destroyed the Denver Broncos" post last week following the team's 59-14 shellacking by the Oakland Raiders, we hoped there'd be no reason to come up with another critical list today.

No such luck. The Broncos' 24-16 collapse against the woeful San Francisco 49ers showed the team could come up with a whole new set of ways to choke. Here's our countdown.

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10. Lack of intensity going into the game: One of the most dispiriting things about the Broncos' loss to the Raiders was Coach Josh McDaniels's silent surrender to the beating. Instead of loudly expressing his displeasure, as McDaniels did with his f-bomb attack during a game against the New York Giants last season, he failed to challenge his players during or after the embarrassment. Then, to compound this error, he got the squad ready for retribution by... allowing them to play a goofy game of cricket shortly after their arrival in London. Not exactly a smart way to ratchet up the aggression.

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Tim Tebow.
9. Offensive predictability: During the first half of the game in particular, the Broncos' play-calling was as creative as a photocopy of a blank page. The result: One stalled drive after another and a goose egg on the scoreboard. And while McDaniels loosened the shackles on signal-caller Kyle Orton to some degree after the break, he continues to make poor use of Tim Tebow, who nearly half of America would like to see as the Broncos' starting QB. Yes, he did score one of the outfit's two touchdowns -- but he did it running, as usual. Who does Tebow have to blow to be permitted to throw an actual pass?

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