Turkey-carcass sled comic from 1984: Kenny Be's Hip Tip do-over

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Original 1984 turkey-carcass sled comic on the left, 2010 do-over drawing on the right.

The turkey-carcass sled comic seen above advises that the leftover skeleton from the Thanksgiving dinner can double as an inexpensive toboggan. It sounds like a ridiculous idea, but it is based on a true-life childhood experience of a Westword co-worker...

1984-11-28 Bone Sled Blog.jpg
Black and white carcass coaster.
The drawing above was inspired by former farm girl and Westword business manager Dee Jones. Apparently, after a childhood Thanksgiving dinner, Dee's Yuma County, Colorado mother would meticulously pick the meat from the turkey and then run the carcass through the dishwasher one time to craft a perfect snow sled for her kids.

The true-life story was equal parts fascinating, funny and disgusting -- a winning combination for comic material. However, when I sat down to draw, I wasn't sure what a turkey skeleton looked like, or how a child would fit inside. I drew the turkey carcass with bound legs while sledding down the hill ass first.

After 26 years of research and regret, I felt that I should make a comic correction. The result is shown below...

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