We had a party and tweeted about it: Westword #WebAwards winners!

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If you were there last night, thank you for coming to the first-ever Westword Web Awards party at Casselman's, 2620 Walnut Street. The room swelled (see full slideshow from the Web Awards) to about 400 bloggers, photographers, shameless self-promoters and artists, who tweeted about the thing all night. As promised, below is a full list of winners and top nominees.

Oh, and that wasn't Steve Jobs last night. What's a party without a good prank? But g'hed and tell everybody that's Steve Jobs in the photo with you. The actor was none other than Rand Moritzky. He's available.

Photo: Jim Narcy
There was tweeting under the influence: See more photos from last night's Web Awards.
A full list of nominees is on this quickly made site, done so by one of our fine Web Awards judges, @DigiJeff, a/k/a Jeff Lange.

Best Neighborhood Blog: Unseen Denver.com
A "street view of Denver presented by locals," the people behind this blog stop take photos of the things we drive or walk by every day: street art, stickers on electric boxes and more. Each post is tagged with a specific neighborhood; it may not come as a surprise but most of the spotted artworks showcased on UD are from Cap Hill.
Nominees: danvur.blogspot.com, denverinfill.com, denvermade.com, 5280blog.blogspot.com, divacowgirl.blogspot.com, goss-grove.blogspot.com, rottenapplepie.blogspot.com, brokeindenver.blogspot.com/

Best Sports Blog: All things Avs.
Yes, the Denver Post. But in blogging, value is show in things like comments, retweets and Facebook shares, which makes Adrian Dater's Avs blog a prized possession for Avalanche fans.
Nominees: fcdenver.org/blog, southstandsdenver.com, milehighreport.com, denverstiffs.com, ralphiereport.com

Best Personal Blog: Burningdownthehouseblog.com
"A touching, incredibly well-written blog by a woman whose house has burned down twice -- once at the age of twelve and again in the Four Mile Canyon fire earlier this year. No persona, just enthralling entries from a rare perspective."
Nominees: redheadwriting.com, blog.caligater.com, datingdad.com, bieske.blogspot.com, bigdummydaddy.blogspot.com, chelseatalkssmack.blogspot.com, divacowgirl.blogspot.com, harusami.com/wordpress, hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com, radicalkaizen.com, thislivelyearth.com, lakehouseracine.blogspot.com, mysocalleddenver.blogspot.com, phillipholland.com, disasterandgrace.blogspot.com, talkthirtytome.com. weblog.chrisgrundemann.com, denverfrank.weebly.com, greghollenback.blogspot.com, sixfeetofsnow.com, theink.blogspot.com and trailerparktrollups.com.

Best Political Blog: ElephantJournal.com
Sustainability to yoga, ElephantJournal.com covers more than just politics and it's updated often, making it a go-to for Denverites with a wide variety of interests.
Nominees: theironmike.com, blog.ariarmstrong.com, coloradopols.com, coloradoindependent.com, coloradowins.org, completecolorado.com, facethestate.com, blogs.denverpost.com/thespot, peoplespresscollective.com, politicscolorado.blogspot.com, huffingtonpost.com/denver, truthpluslies.com.

Best Activism Blog or Site: FightWithFood.org
(Darren Lyman, president) A "grassroots organization dedicated to ending world hunger," this Englewood-based blog has all the resources available for those looking to lend a hand.
Nominees: blog.westandfirm.org, blog.thereleafcenter.com, the1010project.org, womennewsnetwork.net, freerangelongmont.com, kimsidwell.com, mountainstateslegal.org, plantsanimals.org, thegrazingmind.com, coisoc.org, and combathumantrafficking.org.

Best Sex Blog: toywithme.com
Bracingly honest and humorous talk about the sex lives of real people. It's like having a few totally awesome female friends who always tell it like it is.
Nominees: empoweredsex.com, godonnybrook.com/home/category/snl/denvers-most-fuckable-rockstars, provocateurerotica.com.

Food and Drink:
Best Food Blog: Denver on a Spit
This category received dozens of nominations. But it goes to Denver on a Spit for writer Mark's approachable writing style and his chronicles of eating out in Denver. He also covers closings of restaurants like a reporter writes an obituary, and lastly backs up his words with plenty of food porn.
Nominees: ruthtobias.com/denveater, baconandotherbadhabits.com, BigWorldSmallKitchen.com, culinary-colorado.blogspot.com, frenchpressmemos.blogspot.com, blackboardkitchen.com, denverfoodguy.blogspot.com, denverhappyhour.com, ramblingspoon.com/blog, thedenverfoodstory.blogspot.com, vinolucistyle.com/blog, obsessivepalate.blogspot.com, zachisstillhungry.com, denbbq.com, jennandbeer.com and userealbutter.com.

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