We had a party and tweeted about it: Westword #WebAwards winners!

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Best Bar Blog : Geeks Who Drink
Add getting drunk on a work night to showing off your massive knowledge of useless pop culture ephemera and you have a recipe for good times. The blog does a good job of making it sound like as much fun as it actually is.

Best Food or Drink Video: Wine Not? A Video Wine Tasting w/ Magic Cyclops and
"The Donnybrook Writing Academy's first episode of Wine Not? A Video Wine Tasting, brought to you by Mondo Vino: There are many wine tasting shows on the internets, but none will make you really understand the true varietals of life like Wine Not. Little can be said about this show or its host, Rich LeFevre, but what can be said is that iPhones are useless against its powers. Rich LeFevre critiques a merlot, guest starring Magic Cyclops."
Nominees: here , here and here.

Best Restaurant Site: Watercourse Foods
Everything a restaurant website should have: personality, a picture of what the place is like, community involvement, social media integreation and yes, the holy grail of restaurant websites -- menus that are not in PDF form! Congrats, you vegetarian code-writers.
Nominees:,,,,,, and

Best Use of Twitter by an Eater: Sarah Gore (@Sarah_Gore)
Taking a strong STANCE on the Customer Experience. Creating sparkpoints that inspire. Dining in Denver's best. Cooking clumsily at home..
Nominees: @gourmetglee, @monkandmao, @TheDenverDish, @searchdenver, @lifted and @jjwonder.

Best Use of Twitter by a Bartender: Ryan Conklin,!/DenverBartender.
Tweets both positive and negative, Conklin uses twitter the way most restaurant writers should -- with an informed professional tone.
Nominees: @SandyTrap4, @seankenyon, @thebitterbar, @rackhousepub and @Hula_Moon.

Best Use of Twitter by a Chef/Cook:!/frankbonanno
"Keep it Simple." It's his twitter bio and his cooking philosophy and it applies perfectly to both areas. Bonanno posts updates like "Pie shop is open! Just pulled the applies pies out of the oven..." that, if tweeted by a regular person, might be mundane. But by him, it means you should thinking about stopping by.
Nominees: @sweetactionic, @seel303, @VinoLuci, @JensenDCummings and @lawrenceyee

Best Use of Twitter by a Food Truck: @CakeCrumbsTruck
People call him the cupcake guy and for a good reason. Twitter is essential for food trucks and Sean of @CakeCrumbsTruck gets it better than most. Congrats!
Nominees: @bikerjims, @gastrocart, @SteubensTruck, @deluxe_st_food and @DenverBiscuitCo.

Arts, Culture and Music
Best Music Blog: One Track Mind
Free music is great. Smart, informed commentary on music is great. Put them together, on One Track Mind, and the result is, uh... double great? Whatever -- the result is a blog that's worth checking daily.
Nominees:,,,,,,,,,, and

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