We had a party and tweeted about it: Westword #WebAwards winners!

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Best Arts Blog:
There were several good nominations for this category but it goes to for its wonderfully irreverent comics posted every few days on a schedule that keeps readers guessing but coming back for more. It's not Arts with a capital A and that's why it stands out.
Nominees:,,,,,,, and

Best Use of Twitter by an Artist: Debbie Clapper, AKA @gneural
Her Twitter bio? "Rulers are for chumps." I also think rules are for chumps. For thinking outside the box, and for her diverse selection of status updates on Twitter, Debbie's a person to follow, if you're into the arts or not.
Nominees: @artbynemo, @AverageJoeArt, @gneural, @OM_SUN, @pictureplane, @sugarcollider, @TheBigKlowsowski, @themaincourse and @thesigntologist.

Best Use of Twitter by a Rapper: MC Sole.
He's actually on the westcoast right now, so he can't accept his award, but this Denver MC seems to get the web and how to connect with his audience better than anyone.
Nominees: @makindents.

Best Club Site:
Club websites are often infrequently updated, include outdated -- or worse, incorrect information -- and generally lead somebody anxious to get out of the house to another website. Not so with It's a one-stop site for four clubs. It's also updated, sometimes several times daily.
Nominees:,,, and

Best Use of Facebook to Promote a Business: Elephant Journal on Facebook.
Updated often -- some may complain its too often -- EJ's Facebok presence certainly is powerful. Nearly 30,000 fans can't be wrong.
Nominees: Andrew Hudson, Atlas Purveyors, Camelflage, Denver Browns, Dumb Friends League and Paramount Denver.

Best Use of Twitter to Promote a Personal Brand: DJ Mada
DJs are their own publicists. Sure, they may have people who book their shows, but they're a one-man operation. DJ Mada is, as he puts it, "paid to party," but he works even harder to keep his fans in the loop through Twitter.

Best Use of Facebook to Promote a Personal Brand: Redhead Writing
Ah Facebook: Some would say it's the home of unpopular thoughts and blunt advice. Which is why Redhead Writing's Facebook page -- a mix of linkbacks to her site and external content that's within her universe (The Daily Show, the Onion) makes it a page to follow and one of the best Facebook brand extensions in Denver.
Nominees: @RedheadWriting, @DenverFrank, @Colorado_Mom, @stevemartintogo and @MileHighCheap.

Best Start-up: Tweety Got Back
"A maker of background themes for Twitter pages, Tweety Got Back has partnered with behemoths like NASA and to become a ubiquitous presence lurking behind everyone's favorite 140-character obsession. They also get points for caving to public pressure and producing a Justin Bieber theme."
Nominees:, Camelflage LLC, Colorado Safe and Vault, Colorado Vault & Safe Deposit Box Co., COUTUREColorado, Denver Media Watch,,,,,, DailyDealsForDenverMoms,,,,, Splik-it, Swarm Collective, The Pampered Paramour, TidWid Entertainment,,,,, and

Best Service (iPhone, Website):
This site takes on the incredibly popular deals trend with gusto, making it at least one site online local consumers should stop.
Nominees:,,,, and

Best Locally Built iPhone App: RedLaser
"This app, created by local company Occipital, makes lasers sexy again. The app allows users to scan barcodes on items and track down the best price for it online. Thriftastic!"
Nominees: iSCENEyou, Peak Meetings and Picture Frame.

Best Marijuana Dispensary Blog or Website: The Releaf Center.
Maintained by the staff of the dispensary to provide information about the evolving medical marijuana marketplace, it's updated often and includes both in-house ad material as well as political news.
Nominees:,,,,, and

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